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Curious about coaching? Follow this simple three step process...

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Step One

Fill out a simple survey That takes 15-20 minutes. You'll tell us a bit about your business and one of our team will call you to ask any clarifying questions. Our team will start doing research on your business and industry to prepare for your coaching session.

Step Two

You'll have a coaching session where you will get:

1. A ton of clarity on how your business is currently running

2. 3-4 Strategies for key areas that make your business simpler

3. Enough info to decide if you'll want guidance along the way

Step Three

If it's a good fit, meaning we like each other and can grow your business by working together. You'll decide what coaching level is best and we'll get you started fast.

Two of our many blueprints described below...


"...My revenue is up more than 50% and I have 10% more free time so far." Tricia S.

"...Our revenue has grown more than 100%, our team has grown by more than 50%, and our free time has increased more than 20%..." Todd and Juliana C..

"By focusing on the key items that need to be done and dialing back the busy list, time at work is more valuable and allows guilt free time away." NAPA Executive

Who is ActionCOACH Dane County?

ActionCOACH Dane County can become your team of experts. You can rely on your coach to guide you to increased profit and operating efficiencies. With one of our ActionCOACHes on your team, you'll "Make More. Work Less."

Just like professional athletes, You can achieve more when you use our unique blueprint backed by proven tools, methods and systems. We tested and perfected the recipe with tens of thousands of businesses worldwide over three decades so you don't have to.

Simplify your path to whatever you want out of your business with a coach on your team.


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