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How to add up to $10k per month in referral revenue by joining ActionMEMBERSHIP - even if networking has never worked for you!

Start your coaching journey with ActionMEMBERSHIP- Marketing Focus to add up to $10k per month to your bottom line so that the foundation of your marketing strategy can support any size growth you want.

If you’ve been around business for any length of time, you’ve probably gone to bad networking events. 

Events like:

  • Golf outings where you just hang out with your three buddies and never meet new people
  • High Tech Happy Hour, where employees often just bitch about their companies
  • Chamber of Commerce events where the same cliques of people catch up on their summers.
  • Or, networking events where you truly know nobody, and are super uncomfortable even trying to break the ice.

The problem with events like these is, even though people go to networking events to do business, no one is talking about doing business.

ActionMEMBERSHIP - Marketing Focus is different.  It’s in our name.  Action.

ActionCOACH is in the “business of business.”  

You’ll learn networking as a fundamental building block of your business’ growth strategy, not for job hunting or any of the social reasons people might network.

Business building.

Don’t get me wrong.  When done well, networking leads directly to business connections with people you like to do business with.  It creates the magic “know, like and trust” that successful long-term business is built on..

For example, a golf outing could be a magic event. If the teams are thoughtfully created by the sponsor doing a little work ahead of time.  

Making sure that each person is paired with someone they don’t know well.  Or at least someone from a different company.

Providing a list of 5-6 key networking questions to make it dead easy to break the ice and create conversation.  

This single step can eliminate 90% of the nerves people feel when going to an event.  

Networking can be done really, really well.

After all, I was told networking would easily lead to referrals and business when I started my practice. 

"They" said that referrals and networking would be a simple foundation of my business’ marketing platform, leading to growth.  

10 years of being in business has taught me it’s not quite that simple.

I haven't been to any events where business just naturally happens, but that’s the way I always thought networking could be.

I wanted someone to take charge of the group, teaching and making sure we all did what we said and, while the social aspect played a part, we stayed focused on doing business together. It was a huge, gaping need that no one filled.

Until now. To fill this need, we created the ActionMEMBERSHIP - Marketing Focus program.

ActionMEMBERSHIP - Marketing Focus is the right coaching program for you if you want to make networking a fundamental part of your marketing program.

You’ll first learn, via clear, concise coaching, how to give and receive referrals so that they convert.

You’ll learn how to create, develop, and implement strategic alliances to make your referral program even more powerful for you.

And then you’ll learn how to use those skills as the bedrock layer for your overall marketing program and how to add business owner skills so that you make more and work less.  

You’ll start by signing more business, more easily, by “doing” better networking.

So how, exactly, does the ActionMEMBERSHIP - Marketing Focus Program work?

The core of the program is built around your monthly, in person, membership day.  Membership day will focus on networking and referral tools for you to execute over the following month, giving you exactly what you need to execute your plan. 

Membership days are your day to learn and get exactly what you’ll need to execute your marketing plan for the following month.  An average day will look like this:

8:00 Member networking and introductions – you’ll be given specific tools for this

8:30 Roll Call, New member introductions, WIFLE

8:45 Opening remarks

9:00 Networking/Strategic Alliance topic #1

9:30 Review education, choose strategies to implement with your core team

9:45 External speaker education topic #2

10:15 Review education topic, choose strategies to implement with your core team

10:30 Break

10:45 Review last months’ performance in your core teams

11:30 Finalize plan for upcoming month

12:00 Awards

12:15 Complete


At the end of your first membership day, you’ll be placed into peer teams of 3-5 businesses to execute your plan over the month.  Your peer team will meet 1-3 additional times per month as you choose.

Your peer team’s role will be to mastermind with you, help you, encourage you, and hold you accountable to the plans you commit to each week.

Each of your meetings will follow a specific agenda (don’t worry, all the tools will be given to you) so that you remain focused on executing what you’ve learned.

Once per month, your ActionCOACH will check in on your team, making sure any questions you have are answered and that you’re able to use your newly learned skills.

Finally, just before the next membership day, you’ll rate yourself and your other peer team members on your value to the team.  

Let’s face it, no one wants non-performing team members, so your ActionCOACH leader will adjust and reassign people as necessary to make sure your team is working exactly right for you.

And then the next membership day happens and you’ll keep building on skills as you grow.

This program is designed for you to get these 4 things:


  • More high converting referrals from a curated group of people just like you who take networking and referrals seriously as a powerful marketing strategy.  That means you will close more deals, more easily
  • An ActionCOACH leader who is expert at getting you to take action.  That means you will create more actual results instead of just learning with no follow up action
  • Your ActionCOACH leader’s job is your success in membership.  That means you will get accountability, tools, and a core group focused on you all signing more clients
  • Your leader will ensure that everyone who walks in “knows what to do” so that you don’t stumble around wondering if you’ll get any benefit out of the monthly events. 


If this sounds like the kind of networking you’ve been looking for, click here to apply for ActionMEMBERSHIP right now.

ActionMEMBERSHIP - Marketing Focus in Dane County is an investment of 195/wk and requires an invitation from a current member, Coach Bill Vinson, or one of our sponsors. You'll still want to apply if that applies to you..

Apply Here For Madison



Why is this called Membership?


Great question.  We’re building a community of business leaders who want to become kick ass entrepreneurs.  Membership is your in that community.

ActionMEMBERSHIP will focus on you growing your business through a powerful networking model, and there's more.

You'll get a unique pairing of a peer partner program, marketing, accountability, group coaching, monthly business education, & for those who are Elite members, a monthly ActionBOARD of directors moving your business forward. 

You won’t just want your life to grow by 3X in money, free time, health and relationships, you’ll want to 30X those areas of your life.


OK- What Does This Cost?


If membership is a good idea for you, you’ll want to apply ASAP.  We’re doing something unique with pricing.

We’re ActionCOAH, not ThinkaboutitCOACH.  If this is right for you, the faster you act, the lower the price will be.

The current Charter membership fee is $195/wk and includes up to two members of your business or you and your spouse.  

The twist?  The price is only good for the first 10 participants, or until 10-27, whichever occurs first..

Once again, if this is not right for you, you should not feel pressure to apply.  The program will be available in the future starting at $195/wk, and it will be massively valuable at that rate as well.

But if you want an entirely different approach to networking right now?  Hit the button and talk to one of our coaches whether this is right for you.


This is the only time charter member pricing will be offered for this program.