MentorCLUB is for you if you've added your first few employees, have revenue between $180,000 to $750,000 and want or need some individualized attention, but aren't yet ready for 1 to 1 coaching. Learn how to use the right tools to improve your foundation and start to really grow your business

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  • In MentorCLUB, you'll be in a group of up to 3 business owners. Not quite 1 to 1 coaching, but with individualized attention from your coach and your other two members.
  • Your tight knit group will have some wins and some learnings under their belts already, which you'll learn how to use in all of your businesses at the same time.
  • You will start to learn how to apply your skills specifically to your business and market versus the general knowledge you needed as an early stage business.

Pricing $895/Mo

- Included In Your Program -

1. Twice monthly coaching, in person or virtual, with one of our award winning coaches in a group of up to 3 business owners. These scheduled sessions will let you stay accountable to the priorities you create so that your business works for you even as it grows.

2. You will work on skills and tools specific to where you are in your business right now. While your peers will be working on their own strategies, the nature of the small group allows you to help each other along the journey as well.

3. While you will meet twice monthly on a specific schedule, in MentorCLUB, you truly have your coach on your team. That means unlimited access via email, text, and, if needed, in person. (If you need a LOT of additional contact with your coach, you will likely need to move up to 1 to 1 coaching.)

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