ProfitCLUB is designed specifically for you if you are in an early stage business. Start your entrepreneurial journey with the right knowledge, the right tools and the right times to use them from the very beginning. Get a boost in your journey when you invest in your business.

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  • You will primarily be focused on creating revenue and profit - the two MOST important things for your business in your early stages.
  • You'll be working in a larger group setting with one of our founding partners to learn the right tools to use for all stages of your growth, and exactly how and when to use each tool.
  • As you approach or surpass the roughly $250,000 milestone of annual revenue, you will be able to graduate into MentorCLUB, where you will learn the skills you'll need to grow your business to the next level.

Pricing - $399/Mo

- Included In Your Program -

1. You get twice-monthly live coaching sessions with global Hall-of-Fame coach Susan Thomson, Co-Founder of ActionCOACH Dane County.  You'll learn time-tested, proven strategies to make dramatically more money and gain control of your calendar.  You'll make more and work less.

2. You get a peer group of other members who are on the same journey as you, providing roughly twice the learning in half the time so your business grows as fast as you want it to.  You'll become a power-group of owners—building your network and gaining other owners' perspectives.

3. You will have the opportunity to join the ActionCOACH community for our GrowthCLUB quarterly planning sessions at a special VIP rate. In this amazing day of networking, professional development and planning, you'll have a full day to step out of your business and work ON it. You'll leave with a week-by-week plan for the quarter and 100+ great connections.

Imagine how fast you can grow with your blueprint!

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Not sure about ProfitCLUB but you still want value? Sign up for a 5-Ways session!

This workshop is designed to help new business owners and solopreneurs calculate their ROI in Profit Club.

  • Learn the 5-ways to grow revenue and profit in your business
  • Customized ROI calculation for your business
  • Learn how ProfitCLUB will coach you to add $10-$15k in monthly revenue