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Most people want to know how much coaching costs before they even connect with their Coach. If you're researching coaching, click here first for an overview.

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How Much Is Business Coaching Going to Cost?

While many other coaches seem reluctant to discuss costs, we’ve answered this question hundreds, or thousands, of times over the years.  It’s nearly always asked, and often it is the first thing business owners want to know.

We get it.

Cost matters.  It’s not the only consideration, but it is important.  Your investment level dictates the type of program you enroll in, how comfortable or nervous you are, and the results you’re going to get from coaching. 

You’ll want to develop a coaching budget that you can be comfortable with.  One that also lets you grow your business, and yourself as a leader.  A budget that will allow you to consistently create the result you want.  Like many areas of business, your budget will probably feel like a bit of a stretch at first, and that’s ok.

There are many things that people call business coaching including training, industry specific programs, and curriculum-based options.  Questions you should ask yourself are, "what is this coaching company’s level of skill and expertise?", "what types of programs do they run?", and "how big is their client community and who else will I meet and do business with?"

Coaching programs run the gamut from education to training, from large group, lower cost, solopreneur focused programs, to industry specific group and individual programs to the highest level of coaching which is 1-2-1 Business Coaching.  Here are the program levels and pricing as of 2022.

Businesses with less than 3 employees, or less than $300,000 per year in revenue.

You're busy. You're likely to want a coaching program with a low investment, and a low time commitment. You're going to want a coaching program focused on making you money, and fast. You'll want your program to deliver on marketing and lead generation strategies because growing your revenue and learning how to continue to grow it will be critical. The ActionMEMBERSHIP Platinum program at 195/wk is perfect for you.

Businesses with Revenue from $300,000 to $700,000 per year and 3-8 employees.

You're going to benefit most from a coaching program that will have fees starting a 295/wk. You're ready for a bit more accountability and you'll need to grow your skills in order to keep growing your business. For you, you'll want the ActionMEMBERSHIP Elite Program at 295/wk or the ActionMEMBERSHIP Elite + Group program at 495/wk to go even faster.

Business with Revenue from $700,000 per year to $5,000,000 per year

You're going to benefit most from our Flagship ActionMEMBERSHIP Elite + 1-2-1 Program. Here you'll maintain all the fundamentals of your business and add focus and skills of vision and mindset, systemization, sales and marketing, growth and profitability, strategic planning and your company culture. All in a setting where the focus will be on you and your business. The ActionMEMBERSHIP Elite + 1-2-1 coaching program starts at 695/wk (based on number of employees.)

Businesses with more than $5,000,000 in revenue

You're going to want more. For your key executives, executive coaching is the right path. Executive coaching starts at 2000/mo for fortnightly coaching. You'll also likely want programs for early stage managers like our Emerging Leaders Program, the Sales Leader Program, Leadership 2.0, and more. In fact, you'll want to work with a coaching company that has gotten to know your needs, and is able to create bespoke coaching programs based on where you are, and where you want to go, right now. You'll depend on your coaching team's expertise in the 5 main areas of business to help you decide the what and the when, and then to create and deliver the exact content you need. Bespoke programs can range from an 8500 daylong workshop (+travel) to a 150,000 comprehensive year long bench strength development program to create the next generation of leaders for your business. Whatever your needs, we have the right tools for you.

There are additional programs and add ons you might choose from the ActionCOACH catalog but your first choice will involve choosing the program that works best for you.

Continue reading the Programs section below to see the ranges of costs for the programs available at ActionCOACH Dane County.

How Do I Choose Which Coaching Program is Right for Me?

First, choose the path you want to follow.  If you intend to stay in the producer role in your business and want to become expert at “doing” your business, one of the industry specific programs may be right for you, aka, being the best plumber you can be.

If you want to own a business that becomes an asset to you and your family (something you can sell or pass down one day), you might want to create a “Commercial, Profitable Business That Works Without You.”  If that’s the case, you’ll want a company with a framework to use that has lots of customization for you specifically to build the business you want to own.  Shameless plug, that’s what we believe.  You’re unique, you deserve a unique solution.

Then, the starting point of your journey to becoming a great business owner varies based on where you are right now.  Ranges of revenue and what you should look for in your program are described above in the pricing section.

But what if you're not ready for an ongoing coaching and business growth program?

No problem. You have an option for that, too.

The best choice for you at any stage of your business is a strategic plan. Whether you are just starting out, did a plan 3 years ago, or have one of those that just collects dust on your shelf, getting clear on what you want to create is an essential step in the journey of your business.

We offer Ascend(TM) Brilliantly Simple Strategic Planning in either a group setting, or as a private 2 day workshop. Ascend isn't one of those intellectual exercises that often takes so long that people forget it's even happening, only to have it sitting on a shelf somewhere collecting dust.

No. Ascend is a highly focused 2 day session where you'll be coached on your decisions, challenge yourself and your team to go as big as you can, and have your action steps created so that you can execute the very next day. We're not ThinkaboutitCOACH, we're ActionCOACH. That means you'll learn and do simultaneously, and none of the Ascend Strategic plans sit on shelves.

Small company Ascend is $5,495.

Large company private Ascend sessions start at $29,800.

How Much Does 1-2-1 Business Coaching Cost?

1-2-1 Business Coaching is most often offered in weekly or fortnightly (“every other week”) sessions with lengths of 30 to 50 minutes.  The differences in frequency and duration result in a large range of pricing.  That range of investment can be from $1,500 to $15,000 per month.  

At ActionCOACH Dane County, we offer fortnightly coaching programs.  This pace has proven both effective and efficient for clients over the years.  At the 1-2-1 Business Coaching level you also have access to the entire library of resources and your coach’s cell phone number for those issues that come up between sessions.

You should get a guarantee of performance for a 1-2-1 business coaching program.  If your coach is unwilling to offer such a guarantee, it’s worth asking why not.  ActionCOACH Dane County has a “Find our fee in 17 weeks or we coach you for free until you do” guarantee.

That means that you and your coach will identify actions that will increase your profit by more than your coaching fee within 17 weeks or we’ll coach you for free until we do.  

The caveat is that you must take action on the things you and your coach decide to do.  No action, the guarantee is voided.

The ActionCOACH Dane County 1-2-1 Business Coaching Program investment is $2,350 per month for companies up to 15 employees, and $3,350 per month for companies with 16+ employees.

Ask about pricing for weekly coaching sessions, team coaching, or team alignments as well.