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“I attended one of [ActionCOACH’s] talks at the Middleton Chamber of Commerce today…very impressed…relevant…realistic…simple to follow guidelines…that I can use today…Highly Recommend!!”

- Scott H.

“ActionCOACH is great at helping me prioritize and keeping me focused on the business part of my business. We are doing rather well in this economy, and I give a lot of credit to their coaching.”

- Amy H.

“ActionCOACH has been an incredible support to me and my business. With their guidance, we have created a more focused and driven team and are seeing clear results. They have helped me to be able to work on my business instead of in it. Last year, we acquired a competitor, AND opened The Puppy DEN-3x in size and my team’s having a blast!”

- Laura S.

“I had the pleasure of working for one of ActionCOACH’s coaches for 12 years, What I valued most in my coach as a leader was [their] faith in [our] team, [their] commitment to excellence and [their] care and compassion for all people. [They] have an insatiable curiosity to learn how people think. I think the greatest value of hiring [ActionCOACH] was the opportunity to have [a coach] in your boardroom. [They] bring people together. [My coach] is one of the most energetic and optimistic people, yet also very practical and results-oriented.”

- Tony T.

“As President of a changing and growing company, I’m busy. Really busy. So busy I sometimes can’t see the forest for the trees. My ActionCOACH coach really challenges me to step back and put things in perspective. Sometimes I need to acknowledge my success and how far I’ve come, and sometimes I need to be pushed hard to keep my momentum. Sometimes my coach even makes me laugh at the company or some of my own decisions. And who couldn’t use a little fun in business? Regardless, we’re growing fast and having ActionCOACH on my side is truly valuable.”

- Traci D.

“As an owner of a small business, I am constantly taxed with what comes next, and keeping the important strategic items next are some of the most important. ActionCOACH is fantastic at keeping me engaged in what really matters.”

- Jeff G.

“Action COACH has the advantage of bringing years of Senior management experience to their roles as Executive Coaches. They understand the demands and expectations that business executives must juggle in order to be successful. This, along with real world approach has made them an excellent Coaching choice for our company.”

- Melissa D.

“Their coaches are great listeners and problem-solvers. They measure the success of their advice by setting benchmarks which are quantitative in nature. Thus, their clients can readily determine the value ActionCOACH adds to their business.”

- Jesse I.

“Went from 26 employees to 69, and just built our 2nd new building… This was exactly what I needed!”

- Rebecca K.

"Working with [ActionCOACH] gave both me and my staff the tools we needed to make us accountable to our employees and to each other so our organization could move forward as a team. [They] increased our financial knowledge and implemented processes for each manage, which led to increased profitability. The initiatives we started with ActionCOACH continue to be maintained, and the results for our fiscal year are direct and specific evidence that our team made tremendous improvements. I would highly recommend them for any company who wants to put effective processes in place and see increased profitability."

- Mary G.

"Working with [ActionCOACH] not only has given me an objective and outside perspective, but also the benefit of and experienced coach pushing me to become better- a better person, a better leader, a better business owner, and even a better husband and dad. I cannot say enough of how ActionCOACH has kept our business growing and thriving in today’s business climate."

- Craig S.

"[ActionCOACH] has been a tremendous resource for me and my businesses. [They are] a constant source of support, ideas, and accountability, and they repeatedly give me needed perspectives and often point out things I may have otherwise overlooked. It is invaluable having an independent and non-biased advisor that focuses on me, my problems, my opportunities and my goals, and I highly recommend [ActionCOACH]. My business wouldn’t be where it is today without [their] help."

- Robert T.

"My business was struggling. I was very stressed out, did not know which direction my company was going, and had no real focus. [ActionCOACH] not only helped me turn things around, but gave me tools I could use for the future. [They] also helped me open my eyes to a world of possibilities for my business. In my first year working with [ActionCOACH], my business grew by 30%. [They] taught me how to set goals and how to turn them into reality0 you could say [ActionCOACH] gave me the wings to push to the sky."

- William B.

"[I started with] my executive coaching in 2015-16. What I appreciated the most about [ActionCoach] was [their] unassuming style in working to understand me, the areas where I was struggling, and helping me develop skills to address those areas. [ActionCoach] is professional, direct, and truly cares about the people [they coach]. I highly recommend [them] for anyone needing a guide and mentor as well as an executive coach."

- Andy Y.

"Your mentoring has stuck, especially on that topic of being highly driven without bulldozing or overwhelming opposing positions."

- David F.

"Without a doubt, with my coach I have made a very nice impact on some really large numbers. He tells it like he sees it. I've also started making time for family that I didn't in the past. By focusing on the key items that need to be done and dialing back the busy list, time at work is more valuable and allows guilt free time away."

- Executive Coaching Client

"It has been a pleasure working with Bill Vinson from ActionCOACH. I really find your approach welcoming.

I am so grateful thatI was introduces to Susan and ActionCOACH many years ago through a former employer. Being involved with them and watching first-hand how ActionCOACH helped them grow and mesh their companies to where they are today is truly remarkable. Most people do not realize that you can't play this game of business by yourself if you want to be successful and happy.

Looking forward to continuing working with you and AC in the future."

- Don S.

"Hi Susan – Hope your week is almost done. Fridays seem to be the day I clear as much off the desk day as I can. Mission accomplished so far.

I just wanted to let you know I have looked at the end of the week P&L and it looks like we are finally turning the corner on the Gross profit percentages!!!. Have to say it doesn’t get any easier but all the little things are making a difference.

I Appreciate you taking the approach to help our team understand some of the things I cannot. We made some great strides this week with knowing we need to improve the systems to help the crew be more efficient."

- Wynn D.

"I have been a client of ActionCoach for more than two years now, and I have worked within several of their coaching platforms. I have been thrilled with the energy, systems and detail ActionCoach provides to help one master and stay in control of one’s business. Business owners – from no employees to hundreds of employees – will benefit from the coaching programs they offer. 

It’s easier for someone from the outside to spot something that needs tweaking or downright correction than it is for the day-to-day owner who may be too close to the issue. That’s what ActionCoach does -- among the several other planning and goal reaching skills they offer. And their services are guaranteed! How is that for confidence in what they do??? You’ll be happy you took the time to check them out. I was! Thank you, ActionCoach!"

- Randy L.

"Working with ActionCOACH of Wisconsin has helped Peterson Technology Group expand our business, develop marketing strategies that are working and create internal structure and processes to allow us to concentrate on our customers. I have received honest feedback and used tools that have greatly benefited me and Peterson Technology Group. Their team has learned how we work, and more importantly, how I work and has helped me make the two work better."

- Kevin P.

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